Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Enlightenment, Via The Repo Man

So. This morning started off with an email to the family informing us that my uncle has a 6cm malignant tumor. He will be having surgery within 7 days and "options for treatment will be discussed." He has known about this tumor for weeks but decided not to tell anybody, other than people on his prayer trees at church. These people apparently did not include immediate family, as my father (his brother) got the news the same way I did today. Not a fantastic start to the day.
To compound the issue of not dealing with this news very well is an overwhelming stress smothering me at the moment due to being broke-down-broke. I get paid on Friday. This means, thanks to Murphy and his stupid Law, that my car will blow up, my animals will need an emergency vet, and I will get fired-- on Thursday.
I am now both broke and very very worried.
As I am sitting at my desk, forcing myself to do my horrible mid-year review, I realize that I cannot remember if I had turned on the fan for my dog today. It's going to be in the 90's and she will not be very happy. And now that I think of it... did I check her water? Already having the dread of a vet visit I can't afford, I decide it's best to go home on my lunch hour and check, just to be safe.
As I said, the weather was in the 90's. I also mentioned that my car may decide to blow up, and I have reason to believe this- it's been running extremely hot, and my air conditioning is completely fried. This means that when the weather is hot, my car runs hotter, and I have to drive with the heater on to try to cool it off. Needless to say, by the time I got home, I was medium-rare with a crispy shell.
Good news, the dog was fine. She had her water, she had her fan, and wouldn't you know- there were Chinese leftovers in the fridge for lunch. Well, hot damn. This lifted my spirits... slightly.
On the way back to work, not only does the radiator light come on, but so does my gas light. I have 2 tanks empty and 2 days until I get paid. This SUCKS. Well... I guess that last $20 is spoken for now. I am back to cranky. And I am very, very hot.
My sister calls as I am pulling in to the parking lot at work, wanting to know what I was calling for that morning (when I feared my entire family had left me to go to the Springs to see my uncle and forgot to remember me). She was irritated I would suggest such a thing. I was irritated back. They might have done it. Whatever. As I am hanging up the phone and turning to the left, my delicious Chinese lunch rolls off of the seat and explodes all over the passenger floor boards. I parked. And then I cried. This day isn't even half over, and I can't begin to imagine what the grand finale is going to be to this one!
My coworker and friend (who is also a car guru, bless his heart) witnesses my re-entrance and is quite alarmed. I huffed an explanation of the teriyaki trainwreck and the purple sweaty complexion. I was pissy. I hucked my NOT lunch into the trash and threw myself into my chair. That's when I remembered I'd left my pop in the car. I'd be lucky if it wasn't molten by the time I got back out there. That was pretty much the way this day was going to go.
That was until I looked outside and saw something that happens occassionally around here... the Repo Man was out front with an unfortunate blue Mazda hooked up by the chin. Two guys were stringing traffic lights along the back of it, in preparation for the Tow of Shame. Wow. Now THAT SUCKS. Hmm. Whoever's car that is might even be having more suck than my day. No, they're for sure having a way suckier day. It might not be running right, but least my car will still BE there. I sat down again with most of my anger depleated. Shortly afterwards, my friend from the parking lot quietly showed up at my desk with half of his ham & cheese sandwich, claiming that he was too full to finish it. Big fat liar. I nearly wept. It was one of the best ham sammies ever.
After work, I got a few drops of gas for tomorrow, and a jug of coolant with the last $20 that I was still lucky enough to have. I poured them both into the car I was still lucky enough to drive. Sometimes I don't feel my best either, I guess it can have its days too.
When I came back into the office for some overtime, to make some money, to replenish my aching bank account, I stopped by the vending machines. There were 2 side by side, and they both had Big Grab bags of Cheez-It's. One machine had them for 1.25... and the other had them for 75 cents. I felt like I was getting away with highway robbery. I giggled like a demon. And later on this evening, I will have a couple precious hours with a very good looking man and a frosty beer. I guess it's not been such a terrible day after all.

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