Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why E Sucks... The Saga

Its no secret that we've been absent lately. Here's a little excerpt of why:

"A few years ago I tore a disc in my back. Typically, these things self-correct and heal over time. In typical Erin fashion, mine did not. Instead of healing, it continued to get worse. I tried Epidural Steroid Injections, Disc Decompression, yoga, massage, physical therapy, and good old-fashioned narcotics. Nothing worked. Apparently, my tendency to be a pain in the arse goes all the way down to a cellular level. I am a freakshow...."

I've been journaling my experiences with my Regenexx treatments over at my other website, if you're interested, you can read here for more information. I've been very blessed to live close to some amazing medical care. I'm very excited to be getting my back fixed without surgery. Although this has been not without pain (and a lot of money I don't have), I really feel that it will be worth it!

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