Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Today is Mother's Day, the one day a year we get to offer thanks to some of the most under appreciated workers on the planet. If you haven't yet, call your mom and tell her you love her!

I was reading Post Secret today, and some of the cards made me laugh, more made me want to cry. All of them made me remember how lucky I am, and I realized that I owe my mom (and a few other moms) a big thank you!

Favorite Memories and Things I Want To Thank My Mom For:

  • Shopping until we wanted to drop, and then going to "one more store
  • For sending me to Europe instead of sending herself
  • For teaching me that while they may not truly be a girl's best friend, diamonds sure are fun to look at
  • For teaching me the value of experience -travel, the arts, great food, the beauty of where we live, and more
  • Sharing meals at our favorite restaurants
  • For standing behind, supporting, and cheering me on for every single want, need, or passion I've taken on over the years, there have been some crazy ones!
  • A shared love for Coach bags, warm beaches, pedicures, a good book, and great food
  • Endless chauffeuring -lessons, ski trips, drop-offs at the mall, friends houses, and many more
  • Care packages in college
  • St. Thomas, Maui, Mexico, Europe, the Bahamas, and all of the places in between
  • Getting all dolled up and going out to a swanky dinner and the theatre
  • Laughing at me instead of strangling me when I thought I was too cool for everything (I know there were some moments where strangling me would've been MUCH easier)
  • A willingness to drive four hours to stay with me when Adam was out of town and I was too chicken to stay home alone
  • My mom, scraping, scrubbing, and painting our "project house" -just so I wouldn't have to live somewhere so icky for so long
  • Her willingness to drive three hours just to hang out with me now
  • Her, chasing my crazy little brother around the house with a spatula, because he broke the wooden spoon
  • Painting my living room when I couldn't
  • Helping me choose the perfect wedding dress
  • Driving to Vail for my surgery, and not making too much fun of me while I was still medicated, and then staying with us to help take care of the house so Adam didn't have to
  • Birthday parties -from pool parties when I was little, to the dreaded pre-teen slumber parties
  • Getting snowed in up in the mountains with $1.45 between us for Taco Bell
  • The nights we stayed up late talking in St. Thomas, laughing until we cried
  • For being the best Mother of the Bride ever
  • For letting me "figure it out for myself" -bad friends and even worse boyfriends, college, big bangs, bad clothes, and everything in between
  • For ALWAYS being there, even if it wasn't so convenient -school events, bad days, breakups, and everything in between
  • For giving Dustin and me one more chance, even when we probably didn't deserve it
  • Have I mentioned the passion for travel experiences?
  • For being not only a friend to me, but also to all of my friends
  • For doing a such a good job that I want to be a mom too
  • I could go on and on, but mostly, thank you for being YOU! I love you Mom!
**Also, thanks to Wendy, Pat, Linda, and all the other moms that have helped mother me over the years!!

Share your favorite mom memories with us, and then send your mom the link to read all the reasons you are grateful to have her around!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! I love being your Mom and all that goes with it............all the memories, trials, fun, craziness, tears and most of all the happiness of being Mom to You, (and of course Dustin and Adam) plus all of your friends.