Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Husband Has Tourette's ...Or Something

A (relatively normal) Instant Messenger conversation with the husband:

Me: You should take care of that

H: yeah...I got no balls.

H: seems I misplaced them.

H: oddly enough, about 8 years ago

H: you're going to have to do it.

H: I mean, you've got 'em.

H: the balls I mean.

H: you have my balls.

I can't even make sh!t like this up... Seriously.


Bones said...

Wwwwow. And did you possessing or not possessing his sac, (which by the way... I thought we talked about this. He himself has discussed the trend of men with no balls-cajones-pair being so sad and revolting, and yet, the ammunition he gives you is astounding) have anything to do with what it is he needed to take care of? My, what excuses are worth when you really want to get out of doing something! It's worth your manhood- literally!
This one may cost him his captainship...

CappinJones said...

Personally, I find the word "sac" offensive, and that's from a captain of a boat man....damn.