Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday Funny

Ok, so we have all embarrassed our parents at one time our another, being a completely innocent little angel and having no idea that our little actions would be considered... questionable. Today, we're going to combine the funny : (This right here, very good stuff)...

...with our normal Monday Question of the Week. Now, 2 things I am wondering before I continue... where did this kid get this thing OUTSIDE? And why is there another one's arm reaching into the picture? There must have been some kind of blow up doll sledding competition, but I won't think too hard about it. Normally, having your 3 year old drag out your "Blow Up Betty" for all to see would be mortifying, so we'll go with that.

So tell us! What did you do-- or worse!-- what have YOUR kids done to YOU that goes into the "I'm sure well laugh about this later" catagory??


Jers said...

Lillian hauled off and slapped me... THERE... during Delainie's preschool field day... in front of all the other parents... whilst I was walking.

After the five minute breather and jaw-clenching walk to the sidelines, I thought "I'll laugh about this later. DECADES later."

Not as much "embarrassing story" as it is "painful in the crotch/laugh cuz it ain't you" story.

E said...

Wow... I don't have any kids of my own yet, but I've got some great moments from the kids I've been lucky enough to get to be around, from Trevor kicking his diaper (poo side down) on Derek's floor, to him several years later telling Jeff that "Buzz Lightyear is the SH!T!" and Taylon dropping his drawers right in the middle of the living room and peeing on the carpet, laughing like a maniac. Love those kiddos!

E said...

Oh, and a few of my favorite quotes from my favorite kids:

"mom, what's dickin' around?"

"Oh Honey, that is not for you!"
(while assisting in some swimsuit shopping)

"Oh COME ON, Anissa" (Anissa is mom)

"Hey Kiddo, whatcha eating back there?" "...Boogers..."

"mom? can I say bitch when I'm older?"